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When are taxes due?

Property Tax Collection Schedule

July 1st:      Summer tax bill is sent out

September 14:  Summer Taxes Due

September 15:  Applications to defer summer taxes for qualified taxpayers due.  Interest of 1% per month or fraction of a month applies to summer taxes paid late, if not deferred.

December 1:  Winter Tax Bill is sent out

February 14:  Last day to pay property taxes without the late penalty charge of 3%

 February 15:  Last day to pay deferred summer taxes with the late penalty charge.

LAST DAY OF FEBRUARY:  Last day for township treasurer to collect the current summer/winter taxes before being returned as delinquent.  After that date, an additional 4% interest is added onfor penalty of non-payent of taxes.  Charlevoix County will then settle all tax payment issues.