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In our new website structure, all the boards, commissions etal that have representation from both townships are located at a new website called:  This is accessible  from each Township website home page via the 'BI Townships Shared Information' button mid page on each website.
There is a Meeting Calendar (Go to SEE ALL MEETINGS) on this new website which has all township oriented meetings for the Island noted - it should be your go-to page for knowing when all these meetings are scheduled.  It also has direct button access to the Peaine Township website and their information.
The link directly to the Beaver Island Townships CALENDAR is: 
It can also be found on the home page of the Peaine website ( or St. James website ( either through the 'BI Townships Shared Information' button or at the bottom of the home page with a link directly to the Calendar.
All the meeting agendas, minutes, packets etc for these island-wide boards are kept and updated on-going on this new website.
Hope this is helpful keeping track of the ever changing meetings on the Island.  It is easier to figure out if you try it out!
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